Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Domestic Diva??!

well, its one of my goals for this next year...with four kids you'd think i was already one right? im probably not far off but not quite there....see my *secret weapon* (if im using the right choice of words) is my husband who is SUPER DAD...

I cant express enough grattitude towards such an awesome husband! You see i work full time because i have an awesome job and my hubby who also has an awesome job, only works seasonal, he works for a few months then is off for a few then on then off and has been like that for a couple of years now. He manages to cook, clean and gets up early to get my twins ready for school picks them up when they get off, he does homework and folds laundry...which is why i need to step my game up..i of all people should know how much work it is to be super mom and i take total advantage of it...

I heart my Domestic Divo...!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


i REALLY forgot about my blog until a recent inquiry about it had me thinking, this is the perfect place to vent! right?..

I'm sooo good at reading other people's blogs that i tend to neglect mines. Well, my goal now is to keep it up..

the holidays are nearing and that's probably the last thing on my mind. We've been house hunting. No we're not buying but we are looking to rent...because 1-i don't have any "credit" and the only thing on my credit report doesn't help it at all, 2-i live in California and as of current economic reports...uhhh CALIFORNIA IS BROKE! so i cant afford to purchase at this time even if i wanted 3-it's less of a hassle. it seems every house we tour we fall in love with but when they run our credit. or should i say my husband's its a NO-GO, he has a student loan which prevents us from qualifying for anything..BOO!
we just need to leave the city we are living in, too much crime and its not the place to raise if i have to spend all my salary on rent, and spend the rest of forever eating top Ramon noodles and cereal, then it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make to ensure the safety and well being of my kids.....

yes, sad to say, thanksgiving is next week and its the last thing on our minds....

oh yeah...another UPDATE: AUGUST 31ST 2009, we welcomed to our family LAVINIA FUSI 'AMELIA MALUPO who is now almost 15 months and can walk/run recognize and call MOMMY or DADDY, say HI to people and BYE, she can dance point out and tell you her NOSE and EAR and tell you NO by shaking her head....

i love my baby Nia and life is definitely more interesting since she has come into our lives : D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sleep Beautifully Baby 'Inoke Tupou Tupa..

On Monday AUGUST 24TH 2009, our heavenly father called Inoke Tupou Tupa to return to his kingdom. There are no words to bring this 3 month old angel back. My deepest of condolences goes out to my sister Elitisi and her husband Paulo Tupa on this great loss...for we are thinking of you and your little family during this time of mourning. 'ofa lahi atu.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Wow, i havnt been on here for awhile now to do my own blogging, but i feel its the appropriate time since i've got nothing else better to do but wait for my daughter to show up.

I've been off of work now for a little over a week and im glad that i get the time to rest up and get things ready for baby but i figured she'd be here by now!.. ive gotten everything done that i wanted to get done and am pretty anxious for her to show up, but this is my opportunity to rest and take advantage right?!..monday i have a doctor's appointment so they can monitor the baby and we can schedual induction. so im hoping for sure this baby will be here by this time next week.

Yesterday was a good day. I seen a recipe on youtube for monkey bread and decided to try it, and i was pretty amazed at how easy and great it turned out!! kids loved it, and my hubby thought it had a lil too much caramel on it..i think i might try the recipe out without the sauce next time. i also got to take a long nap while my husband watched the kids and made dinner. for some reason when i woke up i wanted some pepsi..*shame on me* but my husband went out and grabbed some and i drank more than i should've. maybe i was secretly hoping that by drinking some the baby would react and move it sure didnt work but i enjoyed my glass of pepsi

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Catch up time!

man, it seems as if i never really have time to blog..but always have time to read others' blogs..hehehe..maybe cause i know that my life isnt that interesting...but really..i do have interesting today...i woke up so tired..i got off of work last night at 11:30 and got home around midnight..then my brother calls and says my little cousin is down in the area and that they wanted to stop they did..for like a half an hour visit then my hubby and i sat up watching that tv show where they "steal" a classic car and fix it up for that person..we didnt get to sleep til about 2 am..well anyway, lately my hubby has been interested in getting his CLASS A license to drive a big rig and we went and signed him up for it. Im pretty excited for him. After wards he, the kids and i went to costcos to eats polish dogs and pizza and then returned home so i could get ready to go to work...the kids were running around outside and i was sittin and chit-chattin with my cousin when twinky runs over with a black ring around her mouth...and black hands...i thought she had kissed a dirty basketball that she'd been playing with and it was so funny we all started crackin up! i took a here at work now and my husbad calls me to tell me that after i left, he caught twinky singing into the muffler of the car!!! guessing because alot of times, when the paper towel runs out, her and her sisters would put their mouths on it and sing into the tube...she probably thought that it was something like that...this girl never seems to surprise me anymore!

Monday, February 2, 2009

It has been a while...

It has been a long while since i've blogged!..soo many things have happened..(not really) that i feel i should blog. Well, to start off with, i FINALLY went to see the prenatal doctor and confirmed that i was 12 weeks along in my pregnancy, it was funny to see the lil person inside of me that had taken over my body! When the doctor conducted the ultrasound, we saw baby's lil heart-beat, and funny thing is, we also saw his lil arm wave at us!..i thought that was so funny. the baby is physically only 4.4 cm big so i guess i cant really blame all this excess fat on the baby..hahaha..but this pregnancy so far has been rough, i cant eat much before i start to feel nautious and even moving around too much causes some dry heeving. Im also hearing about so many others that are pregnant..a couple of my cousins, some friends, and even my brother's wife is too! she's a week ahead of me, we both jokingly decided too that if she has another boy and i have another girl, that we were going to trade!..hahaha, i soo hope this baby is a healthy lil boy. but as long as the baby is healthy and there are no complications at birth, what more can i ask for right?...

yesterday was superbowl sunday and man was it a good game!!!..we were rooting for the pittsburgh steelers and as it got close to the end of the game, with 2 minutes and thirty-sum'n seconds left the cardinals scored a touchdown and was in the lead by a few points..amazingly enough with 43 seconds left in the game, the steelers scored a touchdown and the game was over!!!! was fun watching the game with my husband and kids, we bbq'd and ate while enjoying the superbowl...was jennifer hudson awesome or what?!!...she sang the national anthem with such power in her voice! was an awesome event to watch.